Why we LOVE face painting

Why we LOVE face painting

Face painting is an art form that transforms the face into something beautiful and new. The artists who do this for a living are truly amazing! You too can learn some of their tricks to explore your own creativity with face-painting as well, whether you’re looking forward to exploring new worlds, you’re a mum that wants to enhance your child’s birthday party, or just want some creative release from everyday life - it's always available at any time… this GUIDE is for you!

Face Painting Encourages Creativity

Face painting encourages you to go beyond the world of traditional drawing and painting by pushing yourself outside your artistic comfort zone, allowing for a three-dimensional canvas that will allow new creativity. Face painting teaches you about colour theory, proportion and symmetry in a way you might not have learnt before. Testing out your painting skills on a piece of paper or canvas can be very beneficial,  however for some learners face painting is a much better technique to grasp these skills.

Stretches your Child’s Imagination

Face painting allows children to explore their imagination without boundaries or limitations. Having their faces painted encourages imaginative social play with their peers whilst allowing them to form a character from their imagination. This kind of creativity helps support cognitive development by growing neural connections that prepare the brain for learning. Not only is it a fantastic sensory experience, it extends our thinking, reasoning and processing skills and best of all it's just so much fun!

Allows for Experimentation

Face painting is an art form that allows you to create custom designs and characters on people's faces. There are many types of paints but the water activated ones can be simply removed by washing with water and soap or wiping it away with a baby wipe. Mistakes are often made during application when you are starting out but they are easy to rectify! Each attempt becomes less daunting each time!

Opens up Opportunity

Face painting is a creative, artistic outlet that can open up new doors to success in your career. Not only will you be able create the perfect face paint designs for any character or event but also explore all sorts of other opportunities such as makeup artistry, theatre performance etc., when learning how do this amazing skill!
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