RubyLu is committed to protecting any personal information provided to us and meeting our legal duties under the Data Protection Act 1998, the General Data Protection Regulation and any other applicable laws.

This Notice explains how RubyLu will collect, use and share your personal data and sets out your rights in relation to your personal data RubyLu holds.

 What is personal data?

Personal data means any information or pieces of information that could identify you (for example, your name or email address).

Where your personal data is collected from?

Your personal data is collected from the following sources on the website www.rubylu.co.uk
- Booking/registration forms –link shared when making the booking/enrolment
- Contact form on the website
- sign up lists at fairs and promo events
- subscribing to mailing list

Why we collect personal information?
- In the booking  form we ask for more detailed information like: your full name, email, address for invoicing purposes, phone number so we can contact you and also it substitutes for a contractual agreement, as you tick consent to terms and conditions and privacy policy

- We collect your email address to send relevant information about our offer and marketing materials (very rarely and only with relevant deals and updates, you can always opt out on the bottom of the email by clicking on ‘unsubscribe)
How we process your information?
If you contact me via the ‘contact’ page on the website we will receive your message to our email address and will reply via the same email address.

How long will RubyLu retain your personal data for?

RubyLu will look to retain your personal data for as long as there is the lawful reason to do so unless you request that it be removed from the Ruby’Lu’s records. Once no such reason exists, your data will be deleted or, where deletion is not possible for technical reasons, it will be anonymised.
You may ask at any time for us to delete your personal data by emailing lucy@rubylufacepainting.co.uk

Changes to this notice
This Notice may be amended or updated. Where this occurs, RubyLu will announce the change on its website. Once this has been done, you will be deemed to have accepted the change.

Contact details

Should you have any concern about your personal data at RubyLu please contact us on lucy@rubylufacepainting.co.uk

Last updated 27th October 2022
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