Easy Face Painting Ideas for Kid's

Easy Face Painting Ideas for Kid’s

You will love this ultimate guide of face painting ideas for adults and kids. These simple techniques can be mastered by anyone! To help find inspiration fast we've rounded up our favourite easy designs. Just follow these easy steps.

Getting ready for your painting session is fun and simple with the right tools! Make sure your model has clean and dry skin, clip up their hair with accessories like bobby pins or a hair bobble so that those loose strands don’t get in front of their face.

TIGER Face Painting

Roar and dance to the beat of the jungle drums. This super-easy Tiger three step tutorial will create a very special cat. This is no ordinary kitty, it’s the ferocious tiger!

Step 1: Sponge your white base
It is good to start with lighter colours so start with the white base. Make triangular shapes over the eyes and a muzzle. Make sure that you cover the upper lip with the white as well. Step 2: Add your orange and yellow base
Take a sponge and spritz it with water. Load your sponge half with orange and half with yellow. You can use the yellow towards the centre of the face and the orange to the edges of the face or vice versa. Blend carefully around your white eyes shapes and muzzle.

Step 3: Tiger stripes
Use a rounded brush or a dagger brush to create your stripes on the forehead and cheeks. Think about using a thin-thick-thin technique within one stroke of your brush. On the forehead and cheeks make sure that the tiger stripes are pointed in the direction towards the central focal point between the eyes. Finish the design off with some whiskers and a red bottom lip.

Frozen Ice Princess
To become a princess is a dream for many little girls, here I will help you create Elsa from Frozen. In order to become Elsa you need a princess crown which we will create with several easy steps! Add gems or glitter for the perfect finish for the crown of a perfect princess!

Step 1: The Crown
Draw your centre point. You will need to run a wide brush across your light blue face paint and get a little dark blue face paint on the tip of the brush as well. Then, make a thin, downward, vertical line on the area just above and in between your eyebrows. Next, take the brush and extend it out past the centre point on either side of the line to create a large teardrop in the centre of your forehead.

Create two points extending from the teardrop. After you have created the large teardrop, take the brush and run it along the outside edges of the teardrop, extending them out and up towards your hairline. Now you have created the central piece of the crown. Do the rest of the crowns base with the same brush and colour. Do the crown over the eyebrows, and make a little loop towards the outer corners of the eyes.

Step 2: Stencils and eyelids.
Add some light shimmering blue glitter on the eyelids. Next use the stencil to make a snowflake. Hold your snowflake stencil over the central point of the crown, between your eyebrows. Press the stencil close to your skin and then use a sponge to dab white face paint over the stencil. Repeat the process to create two more snowflakes over the painted areas just above your cheekbones. Add some iridescent glitter to your snowflakes for a sparkly, frozen effect.

Step 3: Draw white teardrops all over the crown.
Add white teardrops to the upper part of the crown that extend down towards the large central snowflake.
Create four teardrops on the painted cheekbone area that extend down towards your mouth. Keep the teardrops different lengths to add interest to the crown.

Step 4: Glitter, gems and lips.
Paint the lips with some blue paint, Add some gloss and fairy dust glitter to the lips. Add some small gemstones on the smaller snowflakes and add a gemstone cluster in the centre of your large one.


One of the most popular superhero of all time has to be Spiderman. Every little boy would love to be brave and fight crime just like their hero Spiderman! He is one of the most requested design for the boys so here I will describe the process to create him!

Step 1: Start by outlining in white paint a curved triangle around the eye that goes up onto the forehead and then fill this is with white paint using a sponge.

Step 2: Carefully sponge the red base of Spiderman being careful to avoid painting over the white eye triangles.

Step 3: Outline the white eye triangles in black, rest your pinkie finger on the face of your model in order to keep you hand and brush steady and as accurate as possible.

Step 4: Next create the web, extend straight lines out that join at the centre point between the eyebrows. Join these up with multiple curved lines to create a web effect.

Step 5: Draw on a small spider using the smallest brush you can find, paint the spider in red but add a white or red highlight to it’s body.

Most face paints are water-based so can be easily washed off with ordinary soap and water once you have enjoyed the design! Baby wipes are also a must.

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